ATX Breakout Board (v 1.2, complete kit)


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Kit includes:

  • PCB (choose red or blue)
  • Binding posts (5x red, 1x black)
  • 2x USB female connectors
  • 2k ohm linear potentiometer
  • LM317
  • Capacitors (3x 0.1uF, 1x 1uF)
  • Pin headers (6x 5-pin, 1x 3-pin, choose female or male)
  • Latching pushbutton
  • Resistors (2x 220, 2x 330, 2x 1.2k, 6x 3.3k, 2x 10k, 0805)
  • LEDs (8x red, 0805)
  • ATX female connector


  • TPS2513 for fast, multi-platform USB charging (in stock from May 6th)
  • 1812 PTC fuses (0.5A hold, 1A trip current for voltage lines, 2.4A for USB charging port.)
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