Story of a failure, or a rant on why I’ve always hated school.

Even though you couldn’t tell from the number of posts, it’s been three years since I’ve started this blog. It was the beginning of my first year as an EE student at Politecnico di Milano. Now, I’m leaving that school (with no degree) and probably starting over as a CS student at another university in September.

It’s been pretty much three wasted years and I’ll probably graduate with a BSc around the age of 26.

What happened?

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I test drove a Tesla Model S today.

About a month ago I booked a test drive through the Tesla Italian website. They got back to me in a couple of days and provided me with a date and time for the drive… Today was the day.

Their store is located in the center of Milan, which is quite busy but still fun to drive in.

As soon as I arrived to the store they handed me an iPad (hey, keeping it classy) I had to fill my data in, including my drivers license number.

As soon as we stepped into the car (they had a 85KWh, RWD model) the Tesla specialist told me to adjust my seat, which is done through a kind of joystick on the left of the seat that felt premium already.

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